Russian expert: Kazakhstani officials are better than colleagues from neighboring states
13 December 2018

Russian experts have expressed their opinion on whether Kazakhstan can enter 30 developed countries by 2050, Norsec reports.

Russian expert: Kazakhstani officials are better than colleagues from neighboring gosOstanovivshis on some points of the program of Nursultan Nazarbayev, experts noted that the president urged to make the agricultural sector a driver of the economy.

According to the director of the Institute of Regional Problems, Dmitry Zhuravlev, although Kazakhstan does have enormous potential in the agrarian sector, we should not pin all hopes on the agro-industrial complex.

“Agriculture can really be one of the drivers of growth. However, first of all, we should speak about domestic demand: the global market for agricultural products is overheated today, and it is very difficult for farmers to find sales channels abroad, ”the expert explained.

Another obstacle on the way to the goal can be a focus on raw materials exports, which puts the country's economy in direct dependence on the global situation, said Aza Migranyan, head of the Economics Department of the CIS Institute.

However, he noted that Kazakhstan has some advantages.

“There are sources of growth in the republic, investment attractiveness is quite high, at least in comparison with other countries of Central Asia,” said Migranyan.

The favorable geographical position of Kazakhstan also plays its role - on the way between the rapidly growing Asian economies and the European market.

“The transit potential of Kazakhstan should be noted separately: this includes pipeline deliveries to China, the railway, and tourist shopping centers that are being built in the border zone between Kazakhstan and China, and also between Kazakhstan and Russia,” said Aza Mihranyan.

According to Zhuravlev, the geographical position is one of the advantages that will help Astana realize its economic development plans.

In addition, the expert noted the independence of the republic of raw materials and the presence of a large number of qualified professionals.

But the main advantage of Kazakhstan today is the policy of selection of management personnel in the country, Zhuravlev believes. In his opinion, Kazakh officials compare favorably with colleagues from neighboring states.

“Most often, these are quite young, but competent people, and we can say that the selection for managerial positions is conducted efficiently. There is also a serious rotation of personnel.

The Kazakhs are able to create consistent development strategies that have been worked out in detail and are feasible, ”summed up Zhuravlev.