A thousand eGov self-service points will be available in Kazakhstan
6 October 2021

Now in PSCs you can get only inaccessible online "paper" services.

To ensure comfortable obtaining of electronic public services in Kazakhstan, there are about six hundred eGov self-service points outside the PSC buildings. Another 400 will open soon. In them, Kazakhstanis who do not have access to a computer or the Internet will be able to independently receive the services of an e-government portal. These working areas are located in the buildings of the regional akimats, educational institutions, medical organizations, shopping and entertainment centers, etc.

According to the chairman of the state corporation Asemgul Baltasheva, in the face of the threat of coronavirus infection, every effort must be made to avoid its spread.

“We have taken a number of measures that will eliminate the accumulation of citizens in the buildings of public service centers and minimize the risk of the spread of the virus. Now, in PSCs, Kazakhstanis can receive only inaccessible online “paper” services, as well as the results of electronic services. In this case, you must pre-book your visit to the public service center. Kazakhstanis can make electronic services independently at home, in the office or in new self-service sectors, ”said Asemgul Baltasheva.

She also added that in PSCs of district centers and cities of regional significance, self-service sectors continue to function, as before. In rural districts, eGov corners are equipped in the buildings of local akimats to independently receive electronic services.

Currently, an electronic digital signature can be obtained and registered in the mobile citizens database using the virtual assistant on the eGov portal. If you have questions about using the portal, the service recipient can call the contact center 1414, where he will be advised by specialists from the state-owned government for citizens.