Atyrau HUB plays up 10 thousand dollars among innovators
6 October 2021

Teams from all over Kazakhstan are invited to create digitalization projects for the oil and gas industry.

The Atyrau Energy Challenge has started in Atyrau, which sets the goal to digitalize the oil and gas industry and increase the participation of Kazakhstani companies in the procurement of IT services by oil and gas operators.

Atyrau Energy Challenge is a marathon of programmers, developers, webmasters, stimulating the emergence and development of new ideas that contribute to the management of operational processes in the oil and gas industry.

“According to the analytical report data of the World Economic Forum, digital transformation could increase the profitability of the oil and gas industry by 1 trillion dollars. The oil and gas sectors play an important role in the economy of Kazakhstan - the share of the oil and gas sector in state budget revenues amounted to about 31-41% in 2015-2017. In the face of current challenges, digitalization of the oil and gas industry could bring even more profit to the country's economy. Until today, there has not been a single accelerator in Atyrau: talented developers and programmers could not apply their knowledge and develop it, so they left for Almaty and Astana. Recognizing the importance of the problem and the need to solve it, domestic IT companies in the region, such as Norsec, Sitek Caspian and Ayacom, supported the Atyrau Energy Challenge and sponsored the event, thereby contributing to the development of Kazakhstani content in the country's oil and gas projects, ” - noted the organizers of the competition .

Atyrau Energy Challenge goals:

  • To find and help implement the most promising solutions for the oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan;
  • The development of local content and a digital startup ecosystem in Atyrau;
  • To attract scientific communities and startups from neighboring countries;
  • To attract startups, accelerators and investors to the oil and gas industry

Participants from all over Kazakhstan are invited to take a part in hackathon. They will have to create solutions to ensure compliance with safety and environmental standards, facilitate the processes of warehousing and storage of materials, reduce paper workflow, as well as for the industrial Internet of things.

A detailed description of the tasks, technical specifications and rules of participation are published on the site. The result of solving the problem will be finished products, the most efficient and launched in test mode. To consider and select the applications submitted by the participants, the organizer creates an expert council consisting of TCO, KMG, NCOC and KPO employees, as well as involved industry experts from other companies.


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