Elon Musk showed a prototype of Starship for passenger flights to the Moon and Mars
6 October 2021

Step by step to the Moon and Mars

Elon Musk published a photo of the new spaceship Starship prototype.

The prototype turned out to be much larger than the test version of Starhopper, which last flight could be viewed here:

At the first time Starship was introduced in 2017. The ship was originally named Big Falcon Rocket - perhaps this name is more familiar to you. Starship will be used for commercial space flights. But they will begin no earlier than 2021. SpaceX expects that the rocket will be able to transport people to the Moon and Mars, as well as deliver loads of up to 150 tons to low Earth orbit.

The first test flights will be held in October. The prototype should rise to a height of 20 kilometers and land back at the spaceport.


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