Facebook receives geolocation information, even if a social network access to data is prohibited in the settings
6 October 2021

Facebook could receive user location data. The company wrote about this in an official publication.

On the one hand, the user has the right not to share the exact location with the Facebook application in his/her device. There is such an option in the system settings. On the other hand, the social network could still receive some information about the person’s moving. For example, where did he/she check in, what event did he/she go to, or through which network did he/she go to the application.

The publication of Facebook is timed to coincide with the release of iOS 13 and Android 10. In these versions, the management of privacy settings has changed.

In iOS 10, you could share location data only once. Prior to this, there were three options: always share (background tracking), never share and share only if the application is active. In addition, devices on iOS 13 will send notifications like “such-and-such application has now gained access to geolocation data, and this data”.

In Android 10, a setting has appeared that duplicates the one already in the Facebook application. This is the Background Location option. If it is turned on, it means that the social network has constant access to location data. To avoid confusion, of these two settings, Facebook will obey more stringent. If the user turned off background access in the application and turned it on in the network settings, Facebook will not collect data.


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