Huawei introduced the Harmony OS operating system
6 October 2021

Harmony OS will be distributed under an open license, as well as Android

The company introduced its own operating system at the Huawei Developers Conference 2019. The name Harmony OS is not accidental: according to the brand representers, it means that the system should bring more harmony to the world. Harmony OS will work among different types of devices: smartphones, tablets and even sensors, and will be distributed under an open license.

The system is flexible and takes into account users scenarios on different devices. Harmony OS consists of separate modules and it will use these modules depending on the type of device. Applications for specific types of devices (smartphones, watches, tablets) will adapt to other devices with Harmony OS - the operating system will use a secure execution environment (Trusted Execution Environment).

In 2019 only TVs will support this system. Since 2020 - smart watches and laptops, and in 2021 car media systems and smart speakers will also switch to it.


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