Smart ICT

NORSEC Delta Projects provides a wide range of services for the maintenance of high functionality of information and computing systems, servers, telecommunications, engineering and network equipment, as well as performs all the functions of the IT department of the customer according to the outsourcing model. From maintenance of information systems (functional consultants, system and database administrators) to IT infrastructure based on a service level agreement (SLA). Outsourcing can be either partial for individual components, or complete across the entire spectrum of IT work.


NORSEC Delta Projects successfully develops and implements complex integrated IT solutions for businesses of any complexity, oil and gas industry, financial and government sectors, medicine, education, science, etc.

The principal feature of NORSEC Delta Projects is not just the delivery of equipment, but the development of a Solution that best suits the needs of the Customer. We achieve this as a result of the expertise on the Sizing of equipment for specific information systems and infrastructures. The use of sizing means a transition to a new level of knowledge, the use of new modern working methods and concepts for designing the IT infrastructure of an enterprise. In general, the use of sizing leads to more efficient automation of business processes.

Outsourcing and Maintenance

Outsourcing of information systems and IT infrastructures is a new promising direction in the Company's activities. NORSEC Delta Projects offers outsourcing and maintenance of both information system functionality (functional consultants, system and database administrators), and IT infrastructure based on a service level agreement (SLA). Outsourcing can be either partial for individual components of an IT customer, or complete across the entire spectrum of IT work

Services and Products
Time Attendance and Access Control Systems

NORSEC Delta Projects is engaged in the development and design, installation and installation, commissioning and maintenance of access control systems at various level facilities (ACS). We create both the simplest systems designed for a small office or an enterprise, as well as the most complex projects of integrated access control systems and employee time accounting integrated into a single information space through a local network or the Internet.

The system allows to control the accounting of working hours. Access control system completely eliminates the influence of the human factor on the access control mode, since the access control is assigned to the technician

The main task of access control:

accounting of working time (late arrival, early completion of work, presence / absence of an employee);
payroll accounting (when integrated with accounting systems);
maintenance of staff / visitors base;
Pass Office Automation