Solutions, outsourcing and maintenance

NORSEC Delta Projects provides a wide range of services for the maintenance of high functionality of information and computing systems, servers, telecommunications, engineering and network equipment, as well as performs all the functions of the IT department of the customer according to the outsourcing model. From maintenance of information systems (functional consultants, system and database administrators) to IT infrastructure based on a service level agreement (SLA). Outsourcing can be either partial for individual components, or complete across the entire spectrum of IT work.


NORSEC Delta Projects successfully develops and implements complex integrated IT solutions for businesses of any complexity, oil and gas industry, financial and government sectors, medicine, education, science, etc.

The principal feature of NORSEC Delta Projects is not just the delivery of equipment, but the development of a Solution that best suits the needs of the Customer. We achieve this as a result of the expertise on the Sizing of equipment for specific information systems and infrastructures. The use of sizing means a transition to a new level of knowledge, the use of new modern working methods and concepts for designing the IT infrastructure of an enterprise. In general, the use of sizing leads to more efficient automation of business processes.

Outsourcing and Maintenance

Outsourcing of information systems and IT infrastructures is a new promising direction in the Company's activities. NORSEC Delta Projects offers outsourcing and maintenance of both information system functionality (functional consultants, system and database administrators), and IT infrastructure based on a service level agreement (SLA). Outsourcing can be either partial for individual components of an IT customer, or complete across the entire spectrum of IT work

Services and Products
IT outsourcing/support of IT systems (computers, servers, network and telecommunication equipment)

NORSEC Delta Projects provides comprehensive IT outsourcing. This implies full maintenance of all infrastructure elements of any complexity. Provides administration and support for the operation of infrastructure subsystems; setting up all elements (servers, data storage systems); maintenance of networks, equipment; office, peripheral equipment; information security requirements. The complex can also include maintenance of security systems (video surveillance systems, access control and management systems (ACS), fire and security alarm systems (APS); maintenance of telephone exchanges, etc.

Service maintenance of office equipment and audit

An audit of office equipment is a comprehensive examination of all units of your company’s office equipment. After the audit, a conclusion is provided on the state of the entire fleet of your company’s equipment and further recommendations for its maintenance.

IT consulting

IT consulting is an activity aimed at supporting all kinds of work processes in an enterprise, carried out using modern technologies. Simply put, these are specialized consultations in the field of computer hardware and software. They allow the company to find out the effectiveness of the use of information technology, get significant benefits when working with customers, increase profits.

This is a set of works aimed at implementing, optimizing and supporting the functioning of automated reporting and budget management systems, improving the IT infrastructure, and protecting data storages.

Complete Solutions for IP Surveillance Systems

NORSEC Delta Projects offers a full range of equipment for surveillance systems – network video cameras of various designs and price ranges, video recording and storage devices (from compact recorders to high-performance servers and storages), devices for organizing video walls, as well as software for managing the system (including mobile applications).

Mini PBX and Telephony

NORSEC Delta Projects offers a full range of equipment for surveillance systems – network video cameras of various designs and price ranges, video recording and storage devices (from compact recorders to high-performance servers and storages), devices for organizing video walls, as well as software for managing the system (including mobile applications).

Time attendance and access control and management systems

NORSEC Delta Projects is engaged in the development and design, installation and installation, commissioning and maintenance of access control systems at various levels of facilities (ACS). We create both the simplest systems designed for a small office or enterprise, as well as the most complex projects of integrated access control systems and employee time tracking, combined into a single information space via a local network or the Internet.

The system allows you to control the accounting of working hours. ACS completely eliminates the influence of the human factor on access control, since access control is assigned to the equipment.

The main task of the ACS:

accounting of working time (lateness, early completion of work, presence / absence of an employee);
payroll calculation (when integrated with accounting systems);
maintaining a database of personnel / visitors;
pass office automation

Control systems for the security service of an enterprise, security agency (collection of information and monitoring of their work)

NORSEC Delta Projects also supplies and installs security personnel controlling tools. This is a complex of electronic equipment that helps to reduce the negative impact of the human factor on the results of work.

Such systems control the performance of work by personnel where the final result of work depends on simple but regular actions of employees. The system will help improve the quality of the work of the security service, provide a timely report indicating the violations, dates, exact time, etc., committed by each employee or shift. Control systems can be used not only in security companies and enterprise security services. They can be effectively used in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shops and even private residences to control staff.

Fire and security alarm systems

OPS or security and fire systems is a complex set of technical means for the timely detection of unauthorized entry into a protected area and / or a fire zone.

As a rule, fire and security alarms are integrated into a complex: security systems and building engineering systems, providing reliable address information for warning systems, fire extinguishing, smoke removal, access control, etc.

Security and fire systems solve problems of various scales and, depending on these tasks, the structure of the security and fire alarm includes equipment of three main categories:

centralized management of fire and security alarms;

collection and processing of information from fire and security alarm sensors: fire and security control panels (panels);

sensory devices – sensors and announcers of the security and fire alarm system.

Security and fire alarms and warning systems are an interconnected set of technical means.

A fire alarm is designed to detect a fire. It performs the functions of signal transmission and control of fire warning systems, fire extinguishing installations, and other engineering systems.

The warning system is designed to ensure safe evacuation and prevent panic in case of fire and other emergencies. Performs the functions of alerting people and managing their movement along evacuation routes.

We provide a full range of works and services:

for the design of fire alarms and warning systems
for installation and commissioning of fire alarms and warning systems (installation of fire alarms)
maintenance, repair of fire alarms and warning systems (fire alarm maintenance)

Explosion-proof equipment

Explosion-proof equipment prevents ignition of the surrounding explosive atmosphere. It eliminates the possibility of contact between the internal spark-producing or heat-producing elements of the equipment with an external explosive environment, or prevents the explosion that has arisen inside the outer shell of the equipment from escaping through its localization.

NORSEC Delta Projects offers reliable solutions in this market, these are advanced products developed by leading manufacturers of explosion-proof equipment.

Professional network video surveillance systems (IP CCTV)

NORSEC Delta Projects specializes in consulting, designing and implementing modern video surveillance (CCTV) systems based on modern IP network cameras. We implement various solutions for video surveillance of private property, as well as for enterprises of all types. We use IP cameras from well-known world manufacturers. We have access to a wide range of technological solutions that allow us to implement complex video surveillance systems for the individual needs of the Customer.

Equipment for security video surveillance systems

There are many objects that, for one reason or another, may need to install video surveillance systems. Successful implementation of the task of installing the system depends primarily on a properly designed installation scheme, taking into account the basic conditions and requirements for the protection of facilities and the quality of video equipment. The line of equipment supplied by NORSEC Delta Projects allows you to build a video surveillance system of any complexity, taking into account all the features of a single object.

Precision air conditioning and storage equipment for server rooms and data centers

NORSEC Delta Projects has many years of experience in IT infrastructure construction. Specialists implement projects of any complexity: from equipping a simple server room to creating turnkey data centers in accordance with Uptime Institute standards. On account of NORSEC Delta Projects there are projects on creation of data storage systems for TCO, NCOC, SATE, etc.

One of the important stages of preparing a full-fledged room for accommodating computing data centers (server rooms) is the organization of an effective system for cooling network equipment.

Data center air conditioning projects have high technical requirements for the following components:

climatic equipment for the smooth operation of data processing systems;

control fail-safe automation to ensure optimal temperature and humidity conditions and notification of failures in the operation of cooling systems;

fire ventilation with installations for rapid smoke removal.

The competence of our specialists guarantees the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure.