Wi-Fi solution, with radio analysis, guest access, and authorization

That is, for clients, we can organize a Wi-Fi network with the correct coverage (coverage means signal quality, for example, so that the Wi-Fi network is as accessible as possible throughout the office / premises). We can take a measurement, determine the zones where exactly it is necessary to locate access points, etc. Make a distinction on access to Wi-Fi. For example, often everyone has a username and password, by which they connect to Wi-Fi, while they get access to network resources (all resources on the network: these are shared folders, files, photos, documents, printers, etc.) but the organization may not even realize it. We set up their existing equipment or install new, with access distribution: a working network and a guest one. In this case, all files within the work network will not be available to guests. And also inside the working network we set up the existing protection against spam, various sites, etc. You can also implement logins and passwords for both the network and users. Which in turn leads to an increase in the speed of the Internet connection and information exchange.