Use cases

  • Any Safety-critical Process
  • High throughput or hazardous training
  • Hazard ID
  • Slip, Trip, Falls
  • HSE Badge Training
  • Dropped Objects / Working at Heights
  • CSE - Confined Space Entry
  • Driver Training
  • HSE Site Induction [360]

YKK Training Base, Atyrau

Yeskertkish Kyzmet Kazakhstan
Our sister company Aardvark, kicked off the project by generating a 3D orthomosaic of the site using one of their survey UAVs.

For the internal and external 360 images, a state-of-the-art camera was used.

Together with the aerial images, we created a digital twin of the facility for rendering in a VR environment.

The images and data were then passed to our Unity development team, who created the 360 environments in VR using the Immerse SDK and uploaded it to their VEP.

From UAV

To 3D


Site safety & emergency response training

A suite of interactive health & safety training experiences, utilising highly
detailed, realistic recreations of physical locations, tools and procedures

Business challenges

High costs of transporting staff to physical locations

Existing training performed onsite, or using simple videos with printed documentation

Fire & hazard training can be dangerous and expensive

Our solution

Trainers can join in VR headset or via browser

Existing to a wider range of Health and Safety initiatives that require integration assessment

Deployed across multiple global sites


Pilot launched 2017, to be deployed to 10,000+ users in 2019

Integration with and Learning Management Systems during 2019
Sample Use Case: Firefighting Safety Training
Pernis Refinery, Shell
Sample Use Case: DHL, Cargo Loading

Next Steps

Is VR a solution for your training needs?

  • Which learning areas have been affected by issues caused by the pandemic?
  • Which tasks require repetition and hands-on practice to learn and master?
  • Which training programs are difficult and costly to conduct and scale?
  • What are the high-risk training scenarios that need a safer and more engaging program?
  • Which training programs disrupt operations and cause major inconvenience in terms of manpower and logistics?
  • What are the pain points in real-life training that are hindering workforce development?